University of Maderia – Partner Profile

The University of Madeira (UMa) aims to find appropriate solutions within a framework of responsibility, equity, and sustainability that contribute to the development and affirmation of Madeira and the country in a globalised and dynamic world.

At UMa pursues activities of scientific research, promoting the dissemination and social and economic valorisation of knowledge and technological innovation. It ensures the highest level of human formation in cultural, scientific, artistic, technical, and professional aspects, conducting study cycles leading to academic degrees, CTeSP (short-cycle higher education) programs, and other non-degree courses. It seeks to prepare its students for the challenges of the global society and lifelong learning, imparting scientific knowledge, technical competence, and interdisciplinary training.

UMa aims for all its graduates to be global citizens, creative and entrepreneurial, responsible and professional, tolerant and attentive to environmental, cultural, and human challenges of a sustainable and equitable society. To achieve this, UMa promotes and supports actions and programs that contribute to the employability of its graduates and foster their spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship, as well as the mobility of students and graduates, particularly within the European higher education space.

In terms of its relationship with the surrounding community, UMa collaborates with the community, government bodies, companies, professional associations, higher education, and research institutions. It discovers, disseminates, and applies knowledge, trains professionals, conducts research and development projects and provides services.

UMa also adopts an education and research policy considering the specificities of the Autonomous Region in which it is located. It collaborates in the formulation of national and regional policies for education, science, and culture, and expresses opinions on legislative projects that concern it. UMa is also an essential element for the deepening of the internationalization of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM), seeking to contribute to a stronger connection to the diaspora and the construction of the Portuguese-speaking world and the European space of education, science, and culture. By its very nature and dynamics, UMa maintains a relationship of commitment and interdependence with the economic, social, and cultural development of the RAM.

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