Vidzemes Augstskola (ViA)

Vidzemes Augstskola (ViA)

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is a higher education institution in Latvia. ViA promotes an entrepreneurial, inclusive, and intelligent knowledge society of the future at regional, national and
international level. ViA provides full academic (bachelor, master
studies) and research cycle (Ph.D. programs, postdoctoral programs, student involvement in research).

In the Accelerate Future HEI project, ViA is represented by the management team and Faculty of Society and Sciences

Founded in
Faculty & Researchers

OUR VISION for entrepreneurial and innovative transformation

Fostering stronger engagement in local regional Innovation ecosystem

ViA’s aim is to contribute to the resilience and growth of future society by being relevant and sustainable and by being involved in the international community. This will promote sustainable business and digital transformation, help industry produce products and services with higher added value, provide research, data insights and analysis for future needs, support development of human capital, and encourage students and staff entrepreneurship

Driving positive change and value creation through university transformation

We prioritise cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset among students and alumni, equipping them with critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, creativity, digital skills, and risk-taking acumen. We advocate for a lifelong learning mindset, emphasising inclusivity and technological advancement. To bolster our transformation, we actively seek increased research funding and industry partnerships, supporting research projects, infrastructure development, and overall university advancement.

Our Strengths

Dynamic environment, ambitious, flexible and able to quickly make changes and adapt

Access to eternal assets and openness to new ideas

Connected projects and active scientific activity in regional, national and international scale research