Université de La Réunion (UR)

Université de La Réunion (UR)

9,000 km away from Europe, the University of La Réunion is the only French and European university in the heart of the Indian Ocean, in one of Europe’s outermost regions. This location at the centre of the Africa-Asia-Oceania area gives it a significant role as an ambassador of higher education, research and French and European innovation in the area.

In the Accelerate Future HEI project, UR is focusing on engineering school – ESIROI.

Founded in
Faculty & Researchers

OUR VISION for entrepreneurial and innovative transformation

Innovative regional development

As the sole university in the Indian Ocean region, UR is committed to catalyzing economic and social progress. Our vision centers on fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. We aim to contribute significantly to regional development by preparing graduates for impactful roles in the workforce and society.

Knowledge-driven economic growth

UR’s mission extends beyond traditional education, emphasizing knowledge transfer and promoting graduate employability. Our aim is to participate in development by knowledge transfer and to boost the welfare by promoting the employability of graduates, and in sync with this, deepen and broaden our partnership with industry. Through this collaboration, UR evolves into a market-oriented institution, and meets the needs of the local entrepreneurial
sector for industrial applicable research results.

Multifaced hub for entrepreneurial talent

Through education, research, innovation, cultural enrichment, and community engagement, we seek to have a profound impact on economic, social, and cultural aspects of society. Our overarching goal is to transform the university into an empowering force for students, enhancing internal research and development (R&D) capacity, and fostering collaboration with the entrepreneurial sector. By integrating entrepreneurship, innovation, and R&D, UR aspires to become a hub for entrepreneurial talent and industrial innovation, mutually benefiting both the university and the local entrepreneurial sector.

Our Strengths

High-impact research potential

The university’s geographical monopoly in the Indian Ocean area

Dynamism of the local business environment