Main Deliverables

Discover our results here and see how your HEI can transform and build your capability to drive entrepreneurial change.

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D1.1 Data Management Plan

Crafted by Project Leaders UIIN, the Data Management Plan is a living document that details what data Accelerate Future HEI will generate and make accessible for verification and re-use, and how it will be curated and preserved. The main elements of this plan are (i)Identification of data types and research deliverables, (ii) findability, (iii) accessibility, (iv) interoperability, (v) reusability and (vi) curation and storage/preservation costs.

D2.1: Strategic Vision Statements Towards Becoming Entrepreneurial and Innovative Universities

Our first result is based on pre-scanning and focus groups where each testing partner developed a strategic vision towards becoming an Entrepreneurial & Innovative University. Here you can discover each institution’s strategic vision statement that describes their desired transformation high-level objective as well as their motivations, ambitions and strengths to achieve it.

D2.2: Synthesis Report: Key findings on current state analysis

This synthesis report summarises the findings and insights, emphasizing common and specific challenges associated with the institutional transformation across all testing partners. It includes the first year of research and activities undertaken by the nine HEI testing partners including pre-scanning, and asset mapping, desired future state focus groups and a current state survey.

The key learnings and findings are presented under the following areas, Entrepreneurial Activities, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Organisational Support and Impact & External Ecosystem.

D3.1: Draft Analysis report: Common challenges and solutions to becoming more entrepreneurial and innovative

Following the Roadmap Workshops with the nine testing partners, the project leaders at UIIN have put together this draft analysis report of the initial findings on the common challenges and solutions to becoming more entrepreneurial and innovative higher education institutions.

The roadmap workshops provided an excellent opportunity for the testing partners to reflect on their current and desired future states, based on the WP2 activities and analysis, and begin to pave the way for their institutional transformation over the next three years.”

Keep an eye out for the final report which will be published here in Q3 2024.

D6.1: Accelerate Future HEI Monitoring & Evaluation Plan

The Monitoring and Evaluation plan led by TUM International includes an impact evaluation strategy that sets out the evaluation guidelines and criteria for Accelerate Future HEI. The methodology, indicators and independent Board of Experts will provide evidence of the impact and value-added of the acceleration services and implementation activities undertaken by the testing partners.

D7.2: Accelerate Future HEI Communication, Dissemination and Sustainability Plan & First Report

This Communication, Dissemination and Sustainability plan, prepared by the Work Package leader Momentum, provides an in-depth dissemination strategy for Accelerate Future HEI. Key components include:

  • Identifying the specific audiences the project aims to reach.
  • Detailing the methods and intermediaries through which information will be spread.
  • Defining the objectives that the dissemination efforts aim to achieve.
  • Describing approaches to ensure long-term impact and sustainability
  • Lists the tools and actions planned for effective dissemination.
  • Highlight the potential outcomes and benefits of the dissemination activities.

Additionally, the report includes a review of the successful dissemination activities conducted in the first year including the development of the project website and social media channels, the creation of a corporate design guide, and the production of promotional materials, highlighting the initial steps taken to establish a cohesive project identity and engage with the target audiences.