Universidad Europea de Canarias (UEC)

Universidad Europea de Canarias (UEC)

European University of the Canary Islands also known as the UEC, is the first private higher education institution in the Canary Islands (Spain). It began its activity in October 2012, having its headquarters in the municipality of La Orotava (Tenerife). The university is integrated into the Laureate International Universities network.

In the Accelerate Future HEI project, UEC is represented by the School of Architecture.

Founded in
Faculty & Researchers

OUR VISION for entrepreneurial and innovative transformation

Holistic academic excellence

Embodying the principles of the European Higher Education Area, we prioritize academic excellence at Universidad Europea. Our educational model goes beyond traditional approaches, focusing on providing a holistic education that nurtures maturity and autonomy in each student. We are dedicated to preparing individuals who can thrive in an increasingly complex and dynamic world.

Shaping innovative professionals

Our vision extends to shaping professionals recognized for their comprehensive set of knowledge, skills, and values. Universidad Europea students are uniquely equipped to seize enhanced employment opportunities, delivering integrated services in diverse and international settings. We foster ambition, initiative, and innovation, promoting entrepreneurship and creativity among our students.

Global and responsible citizens

At the core of our vision is the commitment to cultivate students as unique individuals who stand out for their global perspective and responsibility. We aspire to have our graduates not only excel in their respective fields of study but also emerge as global citizens, contributing positively to society.

Our Strengths

Collaborative, entrepreneurial, determined, and student-focused

Audacious in transforming the traditional educational model to enrich our students’ experience

Reliable and accountable, acting with integrity at all levels of our organization