University of La Réunion – Partner Profile

9,000 km away from Europe, the University of La Réunion is the only French and European university in the heart of the Indian Ocean, in one of Europe’s outermost regions. This location the centre of the Africa-Asia-Oceania area gives it a significant role as an ambassador of higher education, research and French and European innovation in the area. A real pillar of the local education and research ecosystem, the University of La Réunion welcomes more than 19,000 students each year.

ESIROI is the engineering school of the University of La Réunion. ESIROI aspires to be an exemplary institution in terms of sustainable commitment and inclusion. The school is housed in a magnificent bioclimatic building with low environmental impact and positive energy. The cooling of the building relies on natural cross-ventilation and the abundant presence of vegetation composed of endemic species. This building symbolises ESIROI’s expertise in sustainability and has even received a special mention at the Resilient Buildings Awards.

Beyond this showcase, ESIROI makes every effort to train resilient engineers who are aware of social and environmental challenges, and capable of designing new eco-responsible solutions in the following specialisations: sustainable buildings and energy, food science, and computer science.

ESIROI’s commitment is evident at all levels. It integrates sustainable development issues in its training programs, its research activities, the recognition of young people’s civic engagement, and its actions against discrimination and promoting equal opportunities. Finally, the well-being of students and internal staff is a priority.

The school welcomes students from La Réunion, students from mainland France, and international students. It is a rich colourful land, where innovation, diversity, and hybridization create invaluable wealth.

Our role in Accelerate Future HEI

ESIROI-University of La Réunion is one of the nine HEI testing partners of the Accelerate Future HEI team which is working on supporting and enhancing the capability of higher education to undergo transformational changes.  We focus on transforming people, operations and processes internally and strengthening our external engagement, adopting global best practices to ensure the internal, long-term impact of institutional change.

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