UCLL – Partner profile

UCLL, a member of KU Leuven Association, is a university of applied sciences that offers a unique opportunity to question the status quo and make room for innovation. We aim to maximise interaction between research and education, whilst taking our students’ goals and well-being to heart by making their future our mission.

UCLL has 8 campuses across Flanders, Belgium, in or very close to the amazing and vibrant cities of Leuven, Diest, Diepenbeek, Genk and Hasselt. All campuses are places where our 16,000 students can feel completely at home. We put maximum effort into our facilities to offer students the perfect working and living environment. UCLL consists of 5 faculties: Health, Social Work, Management, Technology, and Teacher Education. The faculties offer 18 professional bachelor’s programmes,11 one-year, advanced bachelor’s programmes and 46 postgraduate certificate training programmes. There are 1,700 staff members, of which 529 researchers are employed at UCLL.

UCLL is proud to be one of the nine HEI testing partners of the Accelerate Future HEI team, as it is in our DNA to always accelerate and move forward. Our Moving Minds DNA is the UCLL educational vision, which aims to deliver bachelor-proof alumni to society. You don’t just become a moving mind, you choose it! Every student with a strong and authentic personality, broad-minded and not averse to thinking outside the box, can become a real Moving Mind at UCLL.

Katrien Vandael and Lotte Ovaere, researchers on this project said “It is a great opportunity to be part of this project and drive UCLL to become an even more entrepreneurial and innovative institution”.

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