TUM International host Impact Capturing Workshop

March saw the first Impact Capturing Workshop get underway led by TUM International as part of our Accelerate Future HEI project.

TUM International is leading monitoring and evaluation throughout the project and is responsible for continuously monitoring, capturing progress and evaluating the implementation of the acceleration services.

After a fun ice-breaker question where partners were faced with the difficult choice of deciding whether they would swim in Nutella or maple syrup the more serious business got underway.

Partners enjoyed an inspiring keynote from Dr Adrian Solomon on the impact cases of HEI transformation and the importance of and different ways to enable entrepreneurship and innovation at HEIs.

The group also learned about the TUM International GmbH monitoring and evaluation methodology that provides a tool and guidelines on how to capture entrepreneurship at HEIs with input from Fabia Sauter and Eva Gonzalez Aracil from TUM. Together partners were able to review the methodology in detail and discuss how to practically integrate the monitoring and evaluation methodology into their own institutions.

A special thank you to Kathrin Albrecht from TUM International who ably facilitated the session and to all partners who attended and contributed on the day.

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