Introducing our Sister Project CATALISI

Accelerate Future HEI is a Horizon Europe project funded under the HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-ERA-01-51 call.  This call funds the development of Acceleration Services in support of the institutional transformation of Higher Education Institutions.  Throughout the project, we will be collaborating with sister projects, which are funded under the same call, working towards shared objectives.

CATALISI is one of those sister projects.  It is also an EU-funded project consisting of 11 partners from 8 EU Member States. The consortium gathered in Rome on the 26th and 27th of January to kick off the project that will last 36 months.  The project aims to help and support Higher Education Institutions (HEI) to successfully implement a strategy and individual pathway for institutional transformation. The project will analyse how the governance of Higher Education Institutions can be changed, considering the governance as a way in which societal and state actors intentionally interact to transform Science Technology and Innovation systems, by regulating issues of societal concern.

While the first day of the kick-off meeting focused on sharing and accessing the expertise of the partners, division of the tasks and timeline of activities throughout the project, the second day was dedicated to discussions on stakeholder engagement.

CATALISI will provide 7 acceleration services in 3 domains and split its efforts between the implementors and facilitators. In addition to the acceleration services, CATALISI will initiate a dedicated space on its website for the exchange of knowledge, matchmaking and funding opportunities as well as gathering inputs from implementors and third parties (Learning Hub).

To boost the impact of the project and apply CATALISI findings wider, the project will engage in creating a Community of Practice composed of a group of people who share expertise and experiences in institutional transformation in HEI.

Learn more about the project and the partners who will participate and are in charge of the successful implementation of the project here.

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