Introducing our sister project – aUPaEU

Accelerate Future HEI is a Horizon Europe project funded under the HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-ERA-01-51 call.  This call funds the development of Acceleration Services in support of the institutional transformation of Higher Education Institutions.  Throughout the project, we will be collaborating with sister projects, which are funded under the same call, working towards shared objectives.

The aUPaEU( A University Partnership for Acceleration of European Universities) project revives the ancient Greek concept of the agora by empowering European university alliances and their Higher Education Institutions with acceleration services, open science practices and gender equality. Five academic institutions are contributing to the project, coming from EPiCUR and Unite!, European alliances under the European Universities Initiative.

An agora is a shared space where all stakeholders can offer and use acceleration services and contribute their knowledge and expertise. Through collaboration and knowledge exchange, aUPaEU seeks to drive high-impact Research and Innovation advancements to foster an inclusive and transformative future for Europe.

The project aims to provide Higher Education Institutions with cutting-edge acceleration services to ignite innovation through teaching and digital tech. The project will develop methodologies, sustainability plans, coaching services and tangible digital technologies using an acceleration agora to achieve their institutional transformation goals. It is hoped these will revolutionise research practices with transformative and widening solutions in capacity sharing, open science, societal outreach, and gender equality. The goal is to widen participation and drive groundbreaking advancements in record time.

aUPaEU – a University Partnership for Acceleration of European Universities – is an EU-funded project, in the framework of the European Research Area. Like Accelerate Future HEI, aUPaEU is also a Horizon Europe project. We look forward to collaborating with them as we undertake a shared vision to support institutional transformation in European Higher Education Institutions.

To learn more about the objectives and work being carried out by aUPaEU visit the project Website and for the latest news and updates follow on LinkedIn or X.

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