An Entrepreneurial and Innovative Approach

By Cristiana Oliveira, Rector, Universidad Europea de Canarias

Cristiana Oliveira
Cristiana Oliveira

On the island of Tenerife, the largest of the Canary archipelago and largest of Macaronesia, the campuses of the European University of the Canary Islands are located in the historic centres of Villa de La Orotava and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, capital of the island and the archipelago.

Our campuses include the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the School of Architecture and are located in historic buildings specially restored and restructured functionally, technically and sustainably.

The facilities and laboratories are both physical and technological support for teaching focused on creating strong relationships with industry key players. This ensures integration into the labour market from day one thanks to professors, who are also professionals. With an integrated curriculum and working in advanced simulation environments from a research interest based on data and indicators, our academic model allows the international and global reality to be the true driving force of the professional vocation of our graduates.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability, urban regeneration and sustainable mobility represents, since its inception, the University’s involvement with local society and the need to responsibly face global challenges.

Our commitment to society arises from the advancement of scientific and technical knowledge in all practical and valuable aspects of society to the construction of the future of higher education. This purpose is achieved from the value of its professors, which through the transfer of knowledge into research groups through applied and socially relevant research contributes to social advancement and positions us at the forefront of intellectual and technical development. This achievement is based on our training programs to progress professionals with an entrepreneurial and innovative approach and ethical integrity.

This innovative and committed approach allows all of the UEC community to apply creative approaches in the fields of education and innovation. We incorporate new visions, new technologies and new theories from an academic model of excellence to train future professionals in their field of knowledge, skills and abilities and values.

Our participation in the Accelerate Future HEI project, as one of the nine testing HEI partners, is a very relevant role for us on the outermost region of Europe. From our collaborative efforts as the European University of the Canary Islands in this project we aim to strengthen and improve higher education, both in its programs and in their transfer for entrepreneurship and innovation to experience transformational changes. We focus on the internal transformation of people, operations and processes, while strengthening our social and environmental commitment. We adopt global best practices to ensure the long-term internal impact of institutional change. This project is most important hence these results will be incorporated in the strategic plan of our university.

We are committed to fulfil our mission of developing future professionals and promoting social progress from a critical and resilient attitude through entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to an international, changing and complex world.

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