Accelerate Future HEI Partners gather online for Transnational Partner Meeting

The second Transnational Partner Meeting (TPM) of the Accelerate Future HEI project took place on June 29th.  Representatives of partners from across Europe gathered online to review and discuss work carried out to date, with a view to learning from what worked well and identifying areas of the project that demanded closer attention or a revised strategy.

Over the four years of the project Accelerate Future HEI will develop and test acceleration services, to equip HEIs with the skills and capacity to drive institutional transformation.  The objective is to provide targeted support to HEIs to help them become more entrepreneurial and innovative, enhance their capacity and enable them to fully realise their potential.

The meeting discussed the progress of the Pre-scanning and Asset Mapping tasks and then lessons learned that will improve how surveys could be conducted. One observation is that the timing of surveys must be carefully considered, to avoid holiday and exam times, and also to ensure that too many surveys are circulated to the same groups of respondents at the same time.

Once the Pre-scanning and Asset Mapping task is completed the Roadmap workshops, which will lead to the development of Institutional Transformational Action Plans (ITAPS), will take place.  These plans will be facilitated by coaches and mentors.

During the meeting, two of the first deliverables of the project, the Quality Assurance Report and the Communications, Dissemination and Sustainability Plans were presented to a favourable response.  For regular updates on the project, the public resources it is developing and the support it offers follow us on Linkedin or Twitter or subscribe to our ezine.

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